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The founders

Elisabeth and Alfons Bartmann
Passion since 1992

"Love what you do and you never have to work again" - this quote from Confucius is not just a phrase for us.

When we decided to build today's country hotel from our former farm, a long-cherished dream came true for us. Gastronomy and hotel business is not just a service for us.

For us it means care and devotion,

to offer our guests high-quality food and beautiful accommodation to relax in,

to have an open ear for requests and suggestions.

We have passed these views and values on to our son Thomas over many years

and last year (2020) we were delighted to put our country hotel into his hands.

For us, the statement of Confucius is a daily reality that we let our guests feel!

-Elisabeth and Alfons Bartmann-

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Thomas Bartmann

"To me, being the boss means lending a hand when necessary and creating freedom when it is possible"

On the one hand, it's a mixture of pride and respect that fills me since I took on responsibility for the company that my parents built up over many years.

On the other hand, it is precisely this feeling that drives me to do my best every day.

As the managing director of the country hotel, I not only took over material assets,

but also responsibility for my employees.

For me it is a matter of course to help with the service and to be there for my guests personally.

It is particularly important to me to demonstrate what I expect from my employees

and I am delighted that our guests perceive our passion.

I still have a lot to do with the Landhotel Bartmann and can hardly wait

to be able to offer our guests incomparable stays in the future too.

-Thomas Bartmann-

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